Friday, September 07, 2012

When the Prodigal Doesn't Return

What if the prodigal doesn't return?
What if she turns hard and runs fast without looking back?
What if healing doesn't happen?

What if we spend hours on our faces before this great God and the lost one still isn't found?
Do we cry out harder?
Or do we sit in a corner and cry tears of defeat?

Sometimes trust doesn't seem like enough and fear consumes.
We don't know what to do next.
And our hearts break for the very thing that breaks His--
the one who's abandoned His love.

Rebellion is deeply rooted within all of us, His creation, and we are always reaching for the forbidden fruit, wondering if God really means what He says.  
Is there something better out there?
Something else that will satisfy our hunger?

We are all runners.
And we all desperately need to be rescued.

So what if the searching one seems too far gone and we lose hope?
What then, Lord?

We do not lose heart! (2 Cor. 4:1)

Cause us to return to Yourself, O Lord, and we will return!  (Lamentations 5:21)


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