Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Notebook

New notebooks, new pens, new books.
There is just something about the start of a new school year, even as a teacher, that heightens the senses and puts a little extra joy in my step!

Today, I will take a deep breath and walk through those doors, bag filled with the new, ready to begin again.  It's spring in my heart and the winter is long gone.

And as I open my notebook to that first fresh blank page, I will fight the urge not to write on it for fear that it will lose that pristine feeling.  As this year moves on, I know there will be mistakes, trials, and days so tough that I'll come home and not want to move for hours.  But those things won't keep me from moving forward, from writing on that clean page.

For life is meant to be written on, not left blank, and God is the one who pens the words.  It's His hand that writes on my life.  It's His power that makes all things new.  It is He who calls, equips, and strengthens.

So if you are in a dark and dingy place today, rest in the truth that your Savior delights in new beginnings, full of grace and mercy.  Open your heart to Him and see what a wonderful story the Author will create!


Jennifer Dawn McLucas said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Your words are just perfect.

Pamela Kuhn said...

School starts earlier each year. I haven't been in school for a lonnnnnng but I still love it when all the new supplies come out. I don't ever think I'll buy a new notebook without thinking that God is penning words!

Elle Hattan said...

I love this post. Well I love all your posts but especially this one :) I love a new school year. The idea of "starting over" and the newness of crayons, notebooks, pens, etc. Have a great day :)

Michele-Lyn said...

Oh, yes and Amen! "It's His hand that writes on my life." Just beautiful. May He rain grace on your new year and use you as a mentor in those beautiful lives He's entrusted you to lead.


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