Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Nothing to Fear [lessons from an old country dog]


The moment it thunders, I hear it.  The pitter-patter of four little paws, hurrying down the hallway to find me.  My been-around-forever good, ole' country dog is terrified of storms.

So as I sit here listening to the rain outside my bedroom window, she sits at my feet, tiny heart racing, snuggled up to me as closely as she can be.

In her fear, she knows the place of safety.  She knows I'm her refuge.  She knows that as long as I am near, no harm will come.

My mind wanders to my all-powerful, completely-in-control God, who is MY refuge and MY safety.  And suddenly, all of the things flying around inside my head, the what-ifs and the maybes, they fade away while I rest in His arms.

I have nothing to fear, for my God is with me.

Truly my soul finds rest in God;
my salvation comes from Him.
Truly He is my rock and my salvation;
He is my fortress,
I will never be shaken.
~Psalm 62:1-2


Jennifer Dawn McLucas said...

Such a good reminder! I love your words today.

Amy @BelovedPursuit said...

Your dog is adorable! I remember many nights growing up where my dog was either under my feet, my sheets or my bed shaking because of storms. :)

Tonya said...

Your talk of feeling safe reminds me of a Facebook post that my pastor posted this past week about taking his oldest son on his first roller coaster ride. I invite you to check it out. It's a pretty awesome lesson that I think you will enjoy, too :)

Nikki said...

So many lessons in our dogs! unfailing trust. relentless abiding. unmatched loyalty... great post!


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