Saturday, August 11, 2012

I've Come Back to God

We stand in a circle as we have many days before, and we find laughter, stories, and smiles.  It's been two months of summer since we last saw the walls of this room we made our home, the floor where we sat seeking His face daily, yet nothing has changed.  It's still home, and here we are, seeking again.

We've gathered to pray, to send one out who will soon make his home in a new state.

Yet tonight there is something different afoot. Something more than the laying of hands and goodbyes. Something we aren't aware of yet.

Something amazing. 

One stands smiling and shares.  He speaks those words that leave me speechless.

I've come back to God.

And my mouth drops open as cheers go up wildly around me.  These precious ones have poured their hearts out to their Savior for months, hoping against hope that the answer would come.  That one of the nine, the prodigal, would come back to the fold and believe.  That doubt would fall away and Christ would reign again.

As the words enter my head, time seems to stop as I take it all in.  What a priceless gift they've been given, to see their prayers answered!  Looking at their faces, I realize that this will change them.  It will change them all.  Their faith will soar because they've bowed the knee and cried the tears and Jesus has bent down to earth to redeem!  He's healed. He's restored. He's reminded us that yes, He does hear from heaven when we pray.

And for the rest of the evening, there is excitement in the air as they share the news with others.  I see joy in their eyes as they stand in awe of this God.  I see love in action as they welcome the lost one.  But most of all?  I see the Church right there in my classroom.  And there is nowhere I would rather be.

(The 9th just had surgery, so she wasn't able to make it, 
but she IS in the picture!)


Mary Beth said...

I can only imagine how awesome it is to teach in a school where you can so freely seek the Lord with your students. They are blessed to have you Katie!

Nikki said...

What grace! Praise God! It's going to be a great year....

Ashley Ditto said...


Jacqui said...

Katie, don't ask why I'm just now reading this!! Somehow I missed it, but you described this scene so beautifully, and it's so full of heart!! What and exciting day with such incredible news!♥

Kayla Sweeney said...

Love this!


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