Thursday, August 30, 2012

Among Us

I look into his clear blue-gray eyes, and I see an emptiness.  This one who brings the laughter and stories to us is, today, full of sorrow and weighed down with burden.

Can I please tell a story today? It's kind of long, but I really need to tell you guys what's going on.

And he hangs his head in sadness, leaving us to wonder what has happened.

So, we set aside the lessons on Plato and censorship to meet our brother in his sorrow, ready and waiting with open arms.

What follows breaks our hearts.

A friend, broken and battered, has entered his world and he's heavy now.  Tears are forced back, but it's clear that emotion is strong.  He's hurting and crying out for this tiny community, this family, to comfort and pray.

So we do that thing we always do, the thing that defines our group of 9-- We grab the hands and bow the heads and take it to our Jesus, the all-powerful Healer.

And there are tears and broken voices, and there are those without words because emotion runs too deep, but most of all, there is peace.  For within that circle, we have found solace and rest.  Jesus meets us in this circle every single time, and we always come back for more.

If one part suffers, every part suffers with it.. (1 Corinthians 12:26 NIV)

The hem of Your robe is where our healing lies... Our God, you are here, and in your power, you move... Your love is moving among us... -Christy Nockels

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Jennifer Dawn McLucas said...

It's so good to have a network of believers we can count on. I'm so glad your group has that. Praying all the best for all of them today.

Mary Beth said...

It's so amazing what those kids have at your school. I pray I find something like that for my own children. Thanks for linking up!

Diana Denis said...

Hi Katie, I was just thinking the same thing Mary Beth said. your group is surely blessed to have time in prayer together and time to encourage eachother. Praying that you would always have discernment as you lead them to the cross. Sitting at His feet with you...

Nikki said...

always come back for more....


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