Wednesday, August 01, 2007


My life is like a canvas
And on most days I do my best
To fill it in with my mess
Til' Your image can't be seen
How I love self-centered sketches
Painting my ways to the edges
But I think what I like best is
How it looks so much like me
No more now
I'm laying my colors down
Til my picture fades away

I am coming clean
I am offering
Every space in me for You to fill
And I am coming clean
I am promising
If You'll write on me Your perfect will
Then I'll be a blank page

maybe my life's like a story
That was written for Your glory
But I guess I found that boring
So I took Your pen in hand
And I scribbled You a bit part
And I made myself the big star
But replacing You proves too hard
Guess I don't know how it ends
No more now
I'm laying my best plans down
My story fades away

Make Your masterpiece
Out of each day in me
I beg You, beg you
Where my plans have laid
Come while Your better ways
I beg You, beg You
Lord I need You

[shaun groves- blank page]


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