Friday, June 22, 2012

The Result of Risk

It's risky to put yourself out there.
In writing, in friendship, in life.
We risk saying too much or just falling flat on our faces.
And so sometimes we play it safe to avoid the fall.

Sharing our fears and needs with others is something we all desperately want, but too many times, the risk seems too dangerous for us.

We fear we will take one step too many and plunge right off the side of the cliff.

But didn't our Savior risk ALL to create a relationship with creation?
There is no greater risk than leaving the perfection of heaven to live and breathe on this fallen earth amongst fallen, sinful people.  He was beaten, He was mocked, He was persecuted.

They even tried to throw Him off of a cliff.

His risk led Him to the cross.
The place of torture and murder was the result of His risk, yes He sacrificed everything for love.
For relationship.
To give.

You see, for Him, it was only about giving.
It was worth the risk.

The really good things always are.

Beholding Glory


Deidra M said...

This is beautiful, and inspiring, and so true. Thank you for this reminder today!

Jacqui said...

Beautiful, friend! Love it! Christ should always be our motivator...even in risk!

Nikki said...

Solid, 5 minute write, friend! I read it in my email, but had to stop by and say...I loved it.


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