Monday, June 11, 2012

Feel the Wind

I sit in this beautiful, windswept cove, hair flying in front of my eyes, and my soul finds peace.  The reminder that my Redeemer is like the breezes that surround me awakens my heart.  In and because of Him, everything moves and sways.  He is sovereign Lord over all, even the painful, and our submission to His will is our worship.  Sometimes the winds bend the tall pines, and I’m fearful they’ll break; but the Creator knows how far they can go.  Their roots run deep and remain strong.

There are seasons when we are the pines, bending in the gusty winds, bending but never breaking.  For our Heavenly Father knows just how much we can handle, for our roots are in Him and oh, do they run deep!  His love for us knows no limits, and the depth of his grace is infinite!

Rest in truth today, and feel the wind!


Always counting...
#559 Cool morning air

#561 Tomatoes, freshly-picked

#562 Classical music
#564 Fun design work

#565 An hour to write and a story to tell

#567 A dog that brings joy


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maria chamorro said...

I love these posts even though I do not comment always.  Your list is lovely, and I love the doggie pictures.  He is adorable!  

Alene Snodgrass said...

What a blessing to have visited your bloggy world. I love it all. You are so creative, cute, and fun! Blessings this week as you enjoy your 1000 gifts.


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