Thursday, May 03, 2012

Treading Through the Dark Places

I see you there, hiding safely behind your computer screen.  You feel comfortable as the observer, but you secretly long for community.  You want to feel like part of the group, but you tell yourself they'd never want you.  You have too many issues.  Fear of rejection sets in and you convince yourself to keep hiding behind the walls you've quietly built over years of pretending to live.
But no one tells you that the shields you carry to keep you safe, become the the steel cages that keep you alone. -Ann Voskamp, A Holy Experience
And when no one's looking, you cry out to your Father in pain, longing for someone, just one person who can offer you the friendship you crave.  Your tears are met with silence, and you wonder if you will ever find love and belonging.

I know you because you are me.

Friendships begin and are cut short.  Needs are left unmet.  Walls are put up.  You're left wonder where you went wrong.  Should you have said ____?  What if you'd ____?

Friend, true community lies in the giving up of the notion that to be accepted, I must be perfect.  My true heart cries ignored.  My fears hidden deep.  But it's absurd to assume that everyone else will be authentic while I continue to embody counterfeit.  I cannot hide and expect to truly know love!
There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)
This God, this Father who loves perfectly and wholly, HE is the provider of community. HIS perfect love takes away our fears.  He is the joiner of souls, the connector of hearts.  When we allow Him to give us wings, we will find such freedom as we open our hearts.  We can bare souls and dig deep, cultivating God-borne sisterhood, and knowing that when we tread through the dark places together, it's always safe.


Amy McCollister said...

How'd you get into my head? Like seriously...haha. :) 

Barbie said...

Oh friend, where have I been?  I am so behind in reading my favorite spaces.  I think this was meant for me today. 


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