Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm Rising Up to Call her Blessed

When I was in the womb, after years of her prayers for a child, she protected me from harm and trusted God to keep me whole during her unexpected surgery.

When I was young, she bandaged my scrapes and kissed away my tears.  The times when I disobeyed were met with loving discipline, and even though it was hard, she knew it was necessary.

As I grew, she listened to my pain caused by rejection at school, my frustration about teachers, and my perfectionism toward grades.  She always told me how special I was in God's eyes, and she never let me sink into the "teenage girl emotion ocean."

When I left for college, she shed tears in my dorm room and she prayed over me before she drove away.  When I wanted to come home, she encouraged me to stick it out for a little while longer... because she knew that was best.

When I strayed, she was on her knees.  Though I never saw it, I know she was.
When I played the prodigal, she watched and waited with open arms.

When her lifelong love was suddenly taken from her arms, she wept and showed us that true love, given by God, is deep and true and real. When she needed to be strong for us, she mustered the courage to do so, something only possible with the peace and strength of Christ.

When the time came for her to become a mother to her mother, she gave up her own life for months and served faithfully.  

And now, when I call just to chat, she listens intently and lovingly, always asking if there's anything I need.

My mother is my dear friend, and on this Mother's Day, even though she is miles away, I want her to know how very blessed I am that God has given her to me.

Her children rise up and call her blessed...  (Proverbs 31:28 ESV)


Laura said...

Beautiful post. A treasure for your mom. 

Tonya said...

What beautiful words, Katie. Your mom certainly has treasures in you and your sister. I am blessed to know you both from childhood and enjoy watching you serve the Lord still today. 

Barbie said...

You are truly blessed my friend!  Happy Mother's Day!

AshlieWrites said...

love :) :)

Nikki said...

beautiful... God knows the mother we need, doesn't He. loved reading a bit of your today.  

Michy lovingourjourney said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!!!! It makes me appreciate my mother even more...oh we've been blessed!


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