Tuesday, May 01, 2012

At Your Feet

I pass it every time I run, and I always, without fail, notice it.  This beautifully lush clearing in the woods where the lime green grass grows tall and wispy- it always catches my eye and invites me to gaze.  In the morning, rays of sunlight filter through towering pines and I always imagine myself there, pen in hand, words flowing.

But today as I pass, my heart slows and I hear a voice.  My little imagined writing haven has changed.  No longer do I see myself sitting alone for He is there with me.  And I'm sitting at His feet, just gazing into his face, and I'm listening.  We are together and nothing else matters.  I'm not thinking about how to string together the perfect chain of words that will please the masses.  My only thought is Him.

It's calm and peaceful, and there is no one else around, but even if there is, I don't notice.  I'm not looking at creation; I'm fixed on the Creator.

The song that is playing as I run?
Jesus, Jesus, at Your feet.
Oh to dwell and never leave.
Jesus, Jesus, at Your feet.
There is nowhere else for me.
(Casting Crowns)

And suddenly it's clear.  This heart-stirring I've experienced for weeks has led to this- my writing isn't ABOUT Him; it IS Him!  He asks me to let you sit with us in our quiet place and savor His person, His character, and His love.

In all my thinking and wondering about what God wants me to do with my words, I kept coming back to one word- Jesus.  And I pushed it aside, thinking it too simple.  You know, I need a mission statement because "that's how it's done."  And to my surprise, it's been right here all along!  Simply HIS!  That name He gave me months ago after hours of thinking and wrestling- it's perfect!

None of this has to be complicated.  I don't always have to spend hours choosing words and stories.  Sometimes I just need to be still and let Him speak.

My words aren't mine anyway; they're 

And while it may not be the final goal, it's the next step, which is really all He calls us to take, right?

Where are you in your journey?  What do you do when the direction becomes fuzzy and unclear?  What's your next step?

Friends, I've moved to simply[His]! Update your links so we don't lose one another in transition!  I'm so blessed by the encouragement you bring.  You can still find me on facebook and twitter.


Meag said...

I love that song. And this post. Amazing =]

Michele-Lyn Ault said...

OH MY GOSH! I am one giant goose-bump trying to hold back tears because my mama is in the room.

I think this is my favorite post you ever wrote. It's has the Spirit of God permeating every word... Simply Beautiful... 

I love you <3

Nikki said...

What do I do when I'm all fuzzy and can't seem to hear him? I email you of course! :)
all kidding aside (well, I guess I'm not kidding...I do email you when I'm stuck--thank you, friend)
loved.this.post. I'm behind, but am so glad I stopped to hear Him speak through you, friend. 


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