Friday, April 27, 2012

Realizing our Rescue

"As a good girl, my worship was small and my service was toxic because I didn't understand the completeness of my rescue." -Emily Freeman, Grace for the Good Girl

When I read these words, I stopped, grabbed my trusty pencil, and scratched a heavy "that's me" in the margin.  I also underlined it and drew a star.  I want to remember these words.   I want to remember how they describe my life so perfectly.  I never want to forget.

I'm so blessed to be guest posting today at One Small Town Girl where my precious friend Ashlie shares her heart as her Savior speaks.  Please join us over there to read the rest of my post!

1 comment:

Michele-Lyn Ault said...

I love this... I am so very blessed to know you!!! I am NOT just saying that!!! I hope I get to hug your neck at Allume :) and chat a while too!

I left a comment at Ashlie's :)


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