Monday, April 02, 2012

Beautiful Things

You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of us.- Gungor
Dawn came this morning and as I opened my eyes, excitement took hold.  Today was the first day of a new journey for me- the beginning of something that God's been prepping me for awhile now.  Breakfast was a time of music and reading, mostly in Psalms, and I was pumped and ready to go!  And then I got into the car

and panic set in.

Text messages sent with words like "I am pretty sure I am about to cry," and "I might throw up" were met with encouraging words from dear ones reminding me that God would carry me and that I was made for this.

but still, I was terrified.

Today was the day we launched our new church campus, the day my ministry began, the day I would walk into the unknown and serve.

and in spite of my fear, my God is in the details.

Finding myself in a building with which I was unfamiliar, God allowed my sweet friend to arrive at the moment I did.  Not knowing what was expected, He reminded me that I should just be myself and everything would end up perfectly fine.

Ok, I don't know about you, but I was always one of those kids who stood in the corner of youth group, terrified that someone would make me play one of those horribly embarrassing games.  I am definitely not a large-group-fun kind of person, but the Lord has such a sense of humor!!!  Today, I found myself running clumsily  from people on basketball court lines and pushing people on scooters around cones, all while wearing a skirt!  (Yeah, I learned my lesson on that one- jeans next week for sure!)  My worst nightmare had come true.  I was in the spotlight; people were watching; there was a video camera!

yet I had courage and laughed.

Then came the time for small groups, and we really had no idea what was going to happen.  My friend and I had been assigned to the 9-10th grade girls, but there were only two!  We didn't know how we'd structure the lesson or anything!  And of course, there was the fear that nobody would say a word and they'd just stare at us for 30 minutes.

but God knew what we needed.

The two precious girls in our little group of four were handpicked just for us.  These two very practical, girl-drama-hating, reading, writing, introverts spent a half hour sharing, answering, talking.  In a large group, they would be silent, much like I was at their age (and even now many times!)  So there we were- four quiet girls discussing the entry of the Savior of the world into Jerusalem.

and I knew at that moment that I was made for this.

He really does make beautiful things out of us.

Always counting...
#451 Glowing sun on leaves
#452 Time to talk deep
#453 Laughter with new book
#454 Wedding photography
#455 Thunder and lightning
#456 A new phone
#458 Sweet potatoes


Meag said...

love love love!

Amy McCollister said...

I love this. :) but you already knew that. Yes! He does make beautiful things out of us, and I'm sure you're one of His favorite beautiful things

Katie @simply[his] said...


Sarah Koci Scheilz said...

Katie! Praising God for this wonderful beginning. 

Smiled when I saw that quote at the top of the blog post. At the wedding I went to this weekend, that song was their first dance. Hadn't thought of the song as a first dance kind of song, but it absolutely is and can be! God makes beautiful things out of us. Amen.

Nikki said...

So, so, proud of you for showing up so He could work through you, friend! Ugh. I can hardly stand it--love it!

Katie @simply[his] said...

Thanks friend!  It's all Him!

Katie @simply[his] said...

What a perfect song for first dance!  Love that!

richelle said...

that title caught my eye - i was at a spiritual retreat last weekend and i heard that song for the first time as we sang it during praise and worship times. i love, it, too...

sounds like such an exciting ministry opportunity. may God richly bless...

Darnly Motter said...

What an awesome plan God has for our lives—always to show us that He is indeed present all the time; that He is indeed good all the time; and to show us how much he loves us all the time. 
Your sharing made me smile, get goose bumps and thank God for His work in His world to bring His Kingdom here on earth.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Cherry said...

Linking up after you at Allume - love how your heart for God came through in this post,  how you wrote in such a way that I felt like I was right there with you - and praising God for how He met all of your needs as you followed Him!


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