Monday, April 16, 2012

11 Random Things [and a new pic!]

My friend Nikki tagged me in her post and asked me to share 11 random things about myself, post a new picture, and answer her 11 questions.  So here goes!!!

11 Random Things About Me:

1. I hate most pictures of myself.  I am a photographer, and I much prefer to remain behind the camera!  (Yes, I took 30 before I got this one...)

2. I feel closest to God when I'm out in nature.  As I type this, I am sitting on my deck listening to the birds and watching the clouds.

3. I have been teaching high schoolers for 8 years.  When I was 5, I knew (as much as a 5yo can know anything) that I was going to be a teacher.  Convinced I would never teach any grade above 2nd, I got my degree in elementary education.  Have I ever taught young ones?  Nope.  My first 3 years were middle school and now I spend my days with 7-12th graders.  And I have never been happier!

4. I managed to get out of high school without reading most classics.  It's sad, really- blame it on a bad curriculum.  But this last year I've become an avid reader, and I've even thrown some classics in there!  

5. I thrive on cultivating deep relationships.  Having a large number of friends isn't important to me; I'd much rather invest in the lives of 3-4 people.

6. I fell in love with music because of the youth choir at my church.  I had the most amazing music director who allowed me to use my gift of playing the piano to serve the church.  He implanted a love for singing and lyrics, and that love has only grown since then.  There are some songs we used to sing that will, to this day, bring tears to my eyes.

7. I do not drink soda/pop/coke (Did I cover all the geographical regions?) at all.  I can't stand the taste, the bubbles, or even the thought of it.

8. I wish my hair would grow out more quickly.  I've always gotten tired of my hair and chopped it off, but I'm determined to get through the middle-length annoying stage and let it grow.  It's stick straight, but I have to use a straightener or it will do a really frustrating little "flippy thing."

9. I can't stand being cold!  I will often take shower just to warm up!  Hubby thinks I'm crazy when I pile on 4-5 blankets and he's throwing them off as quickly as he can!

10. I hate being the center of attention.  

11. Things are very black and white to me, and I have a hard time finding any middle ground.  Something is either right or it's wrong, period.


Ok, now for Nikki's 11.  

1. What consists of a perfect evening for you?
Honestly, a perfect evening for me is just staying home.  I'm very much a homebody, and I like my quiet time.

2. What is your ideal birthday cake?
Um, one made of fruit?  I recently changed my diet drastically, so I won't be eating sugar for a long time!  But if I did, I would have to say, hands down, my best friend Megan's cake with cream cheese frosting.

3. Are you a morning person or night owl and how does it compare to your spouse?
I was always a night owl, staying up until midnight or later.  These days I'm up at 5:00 and I've found that I actually prefer mornings!  I thrive on that time alone every day.  Hubby can go either way, although he'll easily sleep in on the weekends!

4. What’s your favorite Bible verse (for today)?
Right now, it's Isaiah 43:19.  "Behold I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth. Do you not perceive it?"

5. What are you currently reading?
Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman and God is the Gospel by John Piper

6. Aside from Jesus, what character in the Bible challenges you the most and why?
Hmm, maybe Noah?  I have such a tendency to be a people-pleaser, and it always blows my mind to read about he kept on building that huge boat despite the ridicule.  His faith inspires me.  (Oh wow, just thought about the fact that I will get to meet him one day!!!)

7. How would you describe your style?
Casual and comfortable with a touch of cute flair when I can pull it off.  

8. What do you like about your favorite season?
My favorite season is spring because of new life, warmth after a long winter, and color everywhere!

9. What six descriptive words would you use to describe your personality?
loyal, deep-thinker, introverted, optimistic, responsible, and "fixer"

10. What’s your favorite wall color and is it in your home?
Pale turquoise blue.  Not on my walls because I'm terrible at making decisions!

11. If you could vacation anywhere, all expenses paid, where would you go?
Alaska. Hands down.  I think I would be so taken in by the beauty of God's creation that it would blow my mind!

Ashlie@One Small Town Girl!!!  Guess what?!  It's your turn!

Always Counting...
#475 A day at home alone
#476 Friendship that makes me want to do cartwheels!
#479 New exercises
#480 Studying James in Sunday school with my girls
#481 Perfect Sunday afternoon
#482 New flowers for the yard
#483 The comfort of my Savior

I've created a simply[his] facebook page.  Feel free to jump on over!


Court said...

Love your list, found you at Ann's. The header at the top is just too perfect also!

Nikki said...

It's no wonder we're kindred, friend :) So thrilled you played along--thank you! AND went through the hassle of taking a new pic-- love it!
You made my day. thank you!!!

Michele-Lyn Ault said...

I thought I commented here.. maybe in my mind or maybe somewhere else ... lol

I LOVE your new picture... You are beautiful and your eyes are so gentle and welcoming <3

Your Noah comment made me laugh! and Alaska? for the cold girl :) I am always cold too... it took a lot of years for hubby to convince me to get rid of the down filled duvet for FL summers... but I still wear flannels to bed... lol 

And why is it that so many introverts are bloggers? or bloggers introverts? Hm... Well I love my alone time! It's a must if my hubby and kids are gonna get a happy wife and mama :)

So glad to get to know you, friend :)

Katie @simply[his] said...

thanks!!  :)

Katie @simply[his] said...

it was fun!  and if you notice, i changed the picture later.  haha, i think i have a problem..  

Katie @simply[his] said...

I actually like this picture!  It's pretty much a miracle...  :)

I think we're bloggers because we have so much we need to say but we need a forum where we can get it out without either being talked over or made to do it on someone else's timeline.  This becomes our little haven, our little writing cabin in the woods.  :)

So excited to begin a journey into friendship with you!  <3


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