Thursday, March 01, 2012

He Won't Relent

He stands before me and I see tears brimming.
Oh, he's fighting them hard, but they're winning the battle.
"Can I have an extension?"
And I'm struggling with words and a lump in my throat, not sure of where this road will lead.
"No, I'm sorry.  It's still due Friday."
He hides his face behind the pages, shoulders dropping with a sigh.
"It's impossible then."
And there it is.
That familiar friend.

It's not good enough.
It's got to be redone.
He has to start over.

And it's killing every bit of his 14-year old spirit.

And although my heart is filled with compassion, I know that I cannot relent.
This is building character.
This is forming courage.
This is for life.

"That's why I work and struggle so hard, depending on Christ's mighty power that works within me."  (Colossians 1:29 NLT)

How many times have I hidden my face, tears forming in my eyes, crying out to my God?

"It's impossible!"

When I mess up, make mistakes, and have to start all over, I know that feeling of defeat and the heaviness it brings.  I want it all to work perfectly the first time, and actually I want it to work perfectly every time!

As soon as the "I can'ts" overtake the "I can tries," we've been stopped in our tracks

"I didn't lose those 5 pounds I wanted to."
"That friendship is dying and I can't do anything about it."
"Everybody else has a baby, why can't I?"
"What marriage?"

Defeat, defeat, DEFEAT.

And although His heart is filled with compassion, He will not relent.
This is building character.
This is forming courage.
This is for His glory.

"You won't relent until you have it all.  My heart is yours." -Jesus Culture


Sarah Koci Scheilz said...

Amen, sister. Trials certainly build character. Big, good character.

Meredith said...

Oh I loved this.
And ending with the quote from the Jesus Culture song?  #love

Laurie Collett said...

Your blog is a blessing and I am now following it, and I
invite you to follow mine, Saved by Grace

Love in Him,
Laurie Collett

Laura @Pruningprincesses said...

Needed this reminder that not relenting builds character. For teachers, parents, and students. Thank you. 

Stacie said...

I can SO be the "I can't" girl.  I need these constant reminders that HE can.

Hindi SMS said...

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