Friday, March 09, 2012

Emptied of Everyone [FMF]

It's Friday!  Time to write for 5 minutes without worrying.  (Maybe eventually I'll get to the not worrying part!)
Today's topic is empty.


I can remember when the friendships started ending.  
Disappearing before my eyes.
I felt so empty.
So many people I'd always counted on--- gone.
Leaving me alone.

Some ended because of differing paths.
Some because of faith.
Some ended for reasons I couldn't understand.
But they all brought pain.
And left me feeling empty.

So I [finally] gave them all up to Him.
Surrendered my relationships and my desire for them.
I emptied my hands of the things I don't really hold anyway.

So with empty hands, I started to climb the mountain alone.
My only companion was Christ, and I wondered if this is how He felt in the wilderness or in the garden that night.
As He emptied Himself for me.

And just as He emptied the grave that day and conquered the climb,
I have begun to descend the mountain.
Alone I am no longer, for after He taught me to rely only on Him, He began to bless me with new companionship, so much better than what I had sought before. 
Some relationships strengthened, some begun.
But most of all, they are filled with Him.

Emptied of myself and filled with my Father.
And I've never been more joyful.

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Sarah Koci Scheilz said...

Praising God, Katie, for THIS: "Eptied of myself and filled with my Father. And I've never been more joyful." Rich grace for certain! 

Amy McCollister said...

I could have written this. Word.for.word. No joke! I am blessed to have you as a friend! So glad He united our hearts and minds and introduced us!

Nikki said...

I feel like copying the entire post and pasting it here in comments so I can quote you and say I loved every word.
blessed me so...
beautiful. just like you. 


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