Monday, February 13, 2012

Thorny Vines and Mossy Stones

I am trudging through the woods, the ones I gaze at from my bedroom window every day.
Dodging branches, trying to avoid thorns and briers.

It's 24 degrees, and my fingers have turned any icy red, begging for the warmth of mittens that I've left in the house.
Birds' songs fill the tall pines and oaks and cedars; they're high above me, basking in the lovely created world.
Winds whip about my face but sun shines hard, warm, bright...
Today, I'm feeling the urge to go deeper...
To find the beauty...
To... see.
Something catches my eye, and I bend down, pushing aside a thorny vine, to get a closer look.
There, illuminated by sun's rays, lies a moss-covered stone.
Lush palette of green, reaching ever-upward from earth to sky, seeking growth and warmth.

Wanting more, I lean closer.
Taking time to watch...
And ponder...
And... see.
It's always here, you know.  This moss on this cold stone.
But I have never really seen it.
Not like this.

And all it took was desire and time.
I stand up, gazing about, searching for more detail to discover.
Curling vines.
Upturned bark.
Tall grasses gently waving in wind.

It's all around me, this beauty in the depth and details.
This beauty, that even in the bleakness of winter, thrives.
It begs me to worship its Creator.
To find His gifts.
To praise...

#336 Undeserved forgiveness
#340 Courage to share
#345 Friend requests
#346 Political discussions with students
#348 Joy from snow flurries
#350 Classical music
#355 Morning light


Nowhere Man said...

What a great poem. It's a little difficult for me to get into poetry but this one was great. And this pictures are stunning. You're pretty good.

Dionne said...

I love the photographs! Thank you for stopping by to my blog.

Jennifer_StudioJRU said...

Oh wow... that is so neat to look so closely at the moss. It is gorgeous and amazing! Beautiful post. Had some of those wonderful snow flurries today too... loved it! :)

Michele-Lyn said...

This was just beautiful... I took time on my phone this morning to read your post... but I am just now getting a moment to comment... I love your use of literary devices... your imagery... but through your writing, that is clearly a gift... your heart for your God pours through... and this is most lovely of all... I look so forward to reading more and following... 

Living only by His grace,


Jennifer Dawn McLucas said...

OK, seriously and truly this is the best Multitudes on Monday post that I've read! Your words inspire me to write a Multitudes post of my own. Thank you for putting together such lovely words and pictures. 

Nikki said...

Beautiful words and images, friend. You bless me so.
Yes--I'll be striving to find the beauty in the details today. Thanks for encouraging me to do so! Love to you!

Katie said...

I am completely humbled by your words!  Thank you so much!!!! :)

Katie said...

Thank you so much, Michele!!!    :)

Katie said...

Isn't it amazing what we can see when we look closely?  Thank you for your kind words.  :)

Katie said...

Love to you too, friend!  :)


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