Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Rushing Ends in Nothing [Fresh Brewed Sunday]

We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing. (Psalm 39:6 NLT)
Always going,
always doing,
rarely being.

Are we spending our time on things that don't really matter?
Have we replaced quality with quantity?
Have we lost ourselves in the shuffle?
Have we lost our God?

Today, take time to slow down and find Him.
He hasn't moved, you know...

Joining Barbie on this Fresh Brewed Sunday.  Won't you join us too?


Child of God said...

I find it so wonderful that God doesn't move, it is us that walk away from Him. If we look, He is right there and all we have to do is turn towards Him and draw close.


Barbie said...

Oh this is a good one this morning.  "Rushing ends in nothing".  We don't accomplish anything by all of our rushing around.  God stands still.  It is us who move away from Him. 

Laura Rath said...

Such a good reminder! I've been paying attention more and more lately to how I spend my time. Yes, I want a clean house (relatively clean anyway) and I want to keep up with other chores, but sometimes it's more important to put those aside to spend time with loved ones, or even just to relax. And to be okay with that!

Nikki said...

He hasn't moved. . .
what a comforting thought!
Thanks for your encouragement today, Katie! 
Yes--let's strive to slow this week down to fit more of Him in it. :)


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