Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Saving Seats!

I am 12, and I hear those dreaded words from the mouth of the teacher.
"No saving seats!"
Immediately I enter survival mode.
Who will I sit by?
Do I need to hurry so I can be sure to find a seat?
Will anybody want to sit next to me?
My panicked eyes dart around the room, searching for a place of solace...comfort...a friend.

Fast forward 20 years, and I am still that awkward preteen, hoping for a saved seat.
Gatherings of friends and coworkers bring out the insecure girl with too-few-friends.
She shouts, even now...
Who will I have to sit by?
What if it's awkward?
What if someone wants to...talk?

And then I pick up that old gnarled stick, the one I beat myself up with...
Why don't I have more friends?
Why am I so...uncomfortable?
I'd rather just sit alone...

But God gives grace.

My phone announces a sweet message-
"Do you want me to save you a seat tonight?"
Me?  Really?!
She wants to save me a seat?
She wants to sit with me?

I don't think she realizes it, but that small gesture gave me wings.
For one night, I forgot about my nervousness.
I forgot about my lack of confidence when things get personal.

I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and I actually felt welcome there.

Gift #337 Somebody saved me a seat.

"Two are better than one..." (Ecclesiastes 4:9 NIV84)

When have someone's actions made you feel welcome?  Share your story with me!


Alexandra Anne said...

I've always loved that verse! 
God definitely puts people in our life at the right time! <3 

sarahkocischeilz said...

Friend! I also transform back into that awkward preteen when it's time for seat-saving -- both literal and figurative. It's a precious thing to be in community, yes? Thanks for this reminder to make others feel welcome! You certainly make me feel welcome in the blog community :)

Meag said...

i  love this one

Sarah@ Speaking of Truth said...

If I lived by you, I'd ALWAYS save you a seat!! I loved this. You spoke words I could have written. And actually as I read, I'm sharing a big chair at Starbucks w/ one of my senior girls, who read it with me and said, "She sounds like me!!" Thanks for ministering to us both tonight :). Love you!

Laura@Pruning Princesses said...

Someone called and invited me to dinner yesterday. Just me. And it does feel like wings. Someone likes me for me. Praise the Lord. Great Story. 

tanya @ truthinweakness said...

i will never forget the first time that i visited a youth group at a new church when i was a soph. in HS. and i didn't know a single SOUL! (sheesh, what was i thinking??) ;) but God . . . 

He revealed His loving-kineness to me through a girl named stephanie. she instantly took me under her wing, let me pal around with her that night, & didn't make me feel like the outsider i was. and over the next several years, that church was where the Lord began to establish some of my deepest roots of truth that remain today.

celebrating your "stephanie" with you!

Jennifer Camp said...

Oh, I know too well that "old gnarled stick".  Wow, your words here pierce my heart.  I am that girl, too -- and so grateful for His healing of my heart, His loving me, His seeing me -- then, and now -- just His girl.  Perfect.  I am so happy to have found your blog, Katie.  {P.S.  I was a high school English teacher, too!}

Hindi SMS said...



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