Friday, February 03, 2012


It's Five Minute Friday!
Today's word= REAL

Masks thrown off and pretending put away.
To step into each other's worlds without fear or worry.
This is a gift that most have forsaken.
Being real.

To be able to trudge through the dark places where others fear to tread...
To be welcomed with open arms...
no matter what.
To stop the hiding and running and
To be real.

We were made for community.
We were made to love and be loved.
But I'm convinced that we can't really have community unless we peel off our "everything-is-okay-don't-worry-about-me" smiles and get down to the real us.

Is it hard?
Will it hurt?
But is it completely worth it?

I've been blessed this week by a sweet sister's painful confession.  She chose to be authentic and rip away her mask, revealing the pain.  She's inspired me to let go of the fake and just be me.  

What keeps you from taking off your mask and being real?  Please share!


Val said...

I love that we find that when WE are real we free others to be real too and we find healing in all of it. I love people who inspire me to be that way and I value communities where I am able to do that. I also know the masquerade all too well.

Beth said...

This is a great, and thought provoking post! I love this thought about masks - not that we have them - but that we all have them, if that makes any sense. And it's so important that we recognize what our masks are and do something to, at least somewhere, take them off. I did a whole lesson on this with some students last year, and it was amazing to see them identify what their masks were and to start to take them off. My masks? Well, I've been working on removing them, too, but I know I still have work to do. Thanks for sharing this great post!

Ashley Pichea said...

God has been teaching me that I need to peel off my masks and be REAL with those He has placed me in community with... it's difficult, but the blessings are incredible!

Brown Paper and Strings said...

Amen! I wrote a very similar post of which I did not publish for Five Minute Friday today. I love this!

Kerri (a simple princess) said...

Great your thoughts!

Nikki ~ simplystriving said...

simply[lovely], Katie!
loved it. . .
so true. all of it.

thank you!


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