Thursday, February 16, 2012

Consider it Joy

When the testing feels like too much, will I give in to failure?
When the rough patches skin my knees bare, will I stand up and walk away?
When He calls me to walk through the dark and scary places, will I run away in fear?
When opposition screams in my face and accusation soils my name and I'm attacked from many fronts, will I just hang my head in shame?
Run?  Blame?
Lose hope?
Sometimes I wonder...

Consider it pure joy when you face trials of various kinds...

Joy!?  Pure joy?!  How can I find joy in this?
I mean, isn't there a point at which it really does become too much to handle?
You know, that point where we look to heaven and cry out, "Why, Lord?  What is your plan here?"
But what if every experience is planned for me to make me wholly His?
What if the only way to teach me to be more like Him is for me to share in His suffering?
His shame.
His struggle.
His pain.

Because you know that the testing of your faith produces...

When He commands me to be holy as He is holy, what if He's demanding more?


What if He's ordained my walking through the valley so I can truly learn to appreciate the majesty of the mountain?


The valley is dark, and it's wide, but I am not alone.
He is carrying me in His arms, whispering love into my ear,
"Remember that time we..." and "Remember those many years ago when..." and "Look how far I've brought you, my love!"
And while we walk, I am satisfied and His footing is sure, never faltering.
He tells me just to talk to Him, to tell Him all my fears and problems, because it's just us and He's all mine.
My Father snuggles me close and tells me just to find peace.


I don't have to worry about any of it.
He is completely in control.

"And He walks with me and He talks with me. 
And He tells me I am His own.  
And the joy we share as we tary there, 
none other has ever known." 
("In the Garden" by C. Austin Miles)

My soul finds rest in God alone; My salvation comes from Him. (Psalm 62:1)


AshlieWrites said...

Love, love, loved this. My heart can testify these exact sentiments. Have I mentioned that I really love your writing?? It's like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being so blesses me :)

Jamie (@va_grown) said...

Lovely reminder.

First time visitor and I wanted to tell you that I love your blog design! It's fresh and beautiful!

Katie @ Simply[His] said...

Ashlie, thank you so much!  Your blog is a favorite of mine!  And thanks for the tweet!!!  :)

Katie @ Simply[His] said...

Thanks Jamie!  I love these colors!  They make me smile!  Glad you dropped by today.  :)

Alexandra Anne said...

I love this verse! 
Excellent post, as always <3 

Nikki said...

"whispering love into my ear" -- ahhh I love those moments! and I think they'd happen more often if I took your encouragement here and slowed down. rested in Him.
beautiful post from a beautiful heart!
thank you, friend!

Chasity said...

Beautiful reminder of Truth.

Michele-Lyn said...

I love this post... and that scripture... I often ponder that verse... when we count it joy and allow perseverance, or patience, or endurance... whatever word the version chooses... when we allow that work we are perfect and complete and lacking in nothing... I wonder how that is at all possible... but desire greatly to have it proven in my life... Only by His grace... everything by His grace... 

Beautiful writing...again :)


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