Monday, January 09, 2012

Seek Light or Darkness?

As I type from the road to migraine-induced dizziness, I'm not really even sure where this post will end up.  I've actually been almost stressing about what to write.  I knew I wanted to write something, but I wasn't getting any clear ideas or direction.

And then I got a letter -a gift is what she called it- from someone most dear to my heart.  (First of all, I have a slight love affair with handwritten letters. I think that taking the time to write a letter when it's so easy to communicate in other ways is really special.)  To be honest, it lifted me up and encouraged me more than she knows.

"I pray that you will always shine your light in darkness.  I know that *place where we spend our days* is flooded with light, so I pray that you and I will seek out the darkness."

Seek darkness?  Ok, that sounds great and all, but I'm doing God's work right here where I am, right?  I'm helping to train the next generation of leaders for Christ.  And yes, I am doing that, for that is what He has called me to do.  But He also calls me to be a light, His light, in the darkness.  Right now I'm just being a light in the light!  After all, it's right in the middle of my most-beloved comfort zone!

When you light a candle in a well-lit room, what happens?  Does the candle make that much of a difference?  Not really.  But when you light a candle in a completely dark room, that one candle can light up a huge space!  It really makes a difference!  And which room needs the light more?

The darkness cries out for the light.
Even if it's not aware that it does.
We are the light.

I have no idea where this will lead me, but I know that God is speaking to us.

Imagine how dark this earth was for Jesus 2000 years ago when He left heaven.  But praise God He came running!  To save us from darkness!

What are your insights/encouragements?  Do you run toward the darkness or from the darkness?
Linking up with the lovely Ann Voskamp today to thank our glorious God for his amazing gifts.

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Monica said...

This really spoke to me. It is so easy to hide in our comfortable places...or not even hide, to just be there in the middle of the comfort. But we aren't called to comfort are we? We're called to count the costs and to follow Him. Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

this has been on my heart, too, friend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and convictions -- they ministered to me!

Ashley said...

Such a good reminder. Seek out the darkness. Do not sequester in those hunkered down safety zones of light. So interesting because when I struggled with migraines, I remember that I needed to be in darkness more than anything. Fascinating that God gave you this word from that place. I love how He uses all things. I hope you're feeling better.
Thanks, too, for your visits to -- and comments on -- my blog. :) They are so appreciated as I stretch my new wet, little wings.


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