Friday, January 06, 2012

All the Noise [FMF- Roar]

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What?!  Roar?  Ok, this is a tough one.  But here we go.
When I first started thinking about what to write about, I thought, well, lions roar, but how can I apply that?
Then I thought about wind or the ocean-- they roar.
But I settled on noise.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the noise of life, as I'm sure you do to.
It's all those things that keep me from abiding in the love of my Savior.
It's the to-do lists, the meetings, the work to be done-- all of those things that pile up and seem to shout in my ears.
What do they shout?
How wonderful it would be to have peace without the roaring noise.
But, of course, it's in the noise that we serve.
We feed on the quiet times so we can conquer the roar.
The roar is important, you know.
But the quiet... the time when we abide in His Word and His love... that's the most important.


1 comment:

proverbs31heart said...

An excellent post! Praying quiet times ahead when you seek to quiet the roar. God's blessings upon you!



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