Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Passing the Tooth Test

Today my calendar reminded me... Two little words that I really didn't want to read... dentist appointment.  Now don't get me wrong; it's not like I hate going to the dentist.  I have a really cool dentist.  She has tv's and massaging chairs and it even smells nice in there!  No, I don't dread pain or worry about being anxious.  Why do I dislike going to the dentist?

Because I don't want to fail!!!

You see, I am one of those people who must pass every test.  
I do not like to miss the mark!
In anything.

Yeah, it's a real problem.

So, I walk into the office, stepping quickly and pulling the hair from my eyes after walking through the windy parking lot.  I push open the office door to find an almost-empty waiting room.  Whew! No uncomfortable smiles or small talk.  After settling down in my chair, opening my Kindle book, and trying to drown out the noise from the basketball game playing on the television, I'm feeling calm.  I've got this.  

Katie, come on back.

(I'll spare you the details of the visit.  We've all been there.  You know,- scrape, brush, floss...)

And at the end of it all, I await her critique encouragement.  

Everything looks great!  You're doing a good job.

YES!  I passed!  No room for criticism here.  SMILE.

As a matter of fact, your teeth are the best teeth I have ever seen!  And while we're on the subject, you're completely awesome.

(Ok, maaaaaybe that last part didn't really happen, but I'm pretty sure she wanted to say it but couldn't because there were other patients around and she didn't want to hurt their feelings.)

What is the deal here?  Why did I take so much joy in having a good dental visit?!  

Because I passed.
I checked all the boxes.
I was a good girl.  

While it's good to be good, it's also dangerous.  Sometimes I can place too much stock in being good and I tend to want to please my Redeemer by doing all the "right things."  Dare I say I tend to work to be righteous in His eyes?


Attend the Bible study.
Read the entire Bible.
Memorize all of those verses.

While doing things is certainly good and commanded, it's not the only thing.  

Every day, my sweet Savior says, "Come to me and let me clean up the dirt in your life."  He says to come and let Him take care of the rest.  He will gladly scrape away all the sinful buildup I hide, even the stuff I don't know is there.  

How about you?  Do you work to be righteous in His eyes?  Do you forget to just come?

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Nikki said...

Oh you hit me between the eyes, Katie. I was reading Proverbs today and something stuck out at me that I hadn't thought of before. It talks a lot about how to handle our failures. Like He expects us to get dirty. fail. not hit the mark every time.

And like you, I'm not wired that way. To accept I may not be "good enough".

Today, I was feeling quite selfish about that. Like this is all about me -- seeing if I'm good enough.

silly nikki. this life is not about me.

Yes, let's strive to change our thinking here. Thanks for encouraging me to ponder this more!

(and regardless, proud of you for a squeaky clean dentist report!) :)



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