Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love Found

Every morning I step meekly, expectantly, into her home.  I hear her children's laughter, I see the fields and trees and farms, I feel the winds on my face.

I'm there.

Every day she teaches me... challenges me... to seek grace.  I read her gifts and find myself searching for my own.

It's everywhere, you know...
Surrounding my God-formed skin.

Grace in a fallen leaf bobbing in the winds of the morning.
Grace in the warmth of a soft red fleece blanket enveloping my body.
Grace in quiet moments before the hurried madness of the day.

God's grace.
His delight.
Evidences of His love for us.

Today I'm looking at my word, love, in a brand new way.  There is new thanksgiving in my heart for the little things.  The moments that lure me to stop and ponder the simplicity of love.

This grace comes in moments when I'm looking and in moments when I'm distracted.  It's there, shouting over deafening noise and whispering in soft silence.

His love surrounds me and invites me to remain.
So I do...
Slow breaths...


Christina Berry said...

This is a beautiful way to describe Ann. It's exactly how I feel when I visit her site, as well.

Have a blessed day!

Alexandra Anne said...

Such beautiful imagery! I love your appreciation!

Julie Sunne said...

Lovely post, Katie! Your words capture the love and grace of the Father. Blessings.

Nikki said...

You captured it so well, Katie. Beautiful.



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