Monday, January 30, 2012

In the Quiet

It's quiet here.
Beautiful, embraceable quiet...
A light pink candle of pear and cranberry burns on the mantle next to the photo of the ocean waves.
I inhale, close my eyes.
Be still...

Husband's asleep in the next room.
Furry family members have settled in for long afternoon naps in heat of sunny windows.
And I'm wide awake.
Hearing nothing but the hum of the heater and the songs of the backyard cardinals and finches.
And I count...

#293. Quiet afternoons, nothing pressing, just time

Be still and know...

The weekend of going and doing, the seeing and talking.
All the necessaries and unnecessaries-that-seem-necessary.
The running and list-checking and book-finishing and bed-making.
It's finally over now, and I can relish the silence.

Be still and know that I am...God.

He reminds me that these times are just for us.
He knows what my soul needs...what it feasts upon.
Quiet, thirst-quenching time to be still.

So I settle into His arms and I'm... well, I just AM.

"...He will quiet you with His love..." [Zephaniah 3:17]

#218 weather radios and flashlights
#221 glow of sun after rain
#224 fast-flying clouds
#239 layers of morning- trees, fog, sun
#267 friend just like me
#287 sunrise that makes me stop and stare
#290 three-hour nap


Nikki said...

So glad you took time to relish that, friend! Thank you for sharing!

Meag said...

I love that verse!!


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