Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Heaven on Earth? I Wish...

I wish I could wake up every day at 7 (not 4:30), run 5 miles (at 3 now; goal for 2012 is 5), sit a the table (need a table first) with breakfast and a good book, and THEN go into work.

I wish I could extend the number of hours in the day so I could read everything I want to and still have time to watch something on TV.

I wish I could keep a to-do list in the shower since apparently that's where I do my best remembering/thinking.

I wish every e-book was free so I could read them all!

I wish the sun was up when I get up because it would be really awesome to see my woods from the window while I'm sitting at my make-believe table reading my good book.

I wish chocolate had no fat and I could eat as many calories as I want to.  (It would also be nice not to develop a slight tick when I go over my limit for the day.  Yes, I'm a little crazy...)

I wish my devil precious cat would stop digging his claws into the door trying to get outside at 4AM.  You know how awesome it is to be awakened 30 minutes before your alarm goes off...

I wish for heaven on earth, perfection in the puddles of mud called life.

But for now, I will choose to take joy in each moment that God gives me, even if my heaven on earth never comes.  My life has been chosen especially for me by a sovereign Savior who loves me and wants nothing less than my best, for His glory.  Embrace your life and seek to find His will for you today.

1 comment:

Annie said...

I love this - the heartcry in it - the honesty and longing and contentment all mixed together; and the sweet, subtle humor - the seeing the woods from the table not yet there. It made me smile & reminded me to be honest about the desires, and be grateful in the midst of them. Thanks.


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