Monday, January 02, 2012

Going Back

Well, it's here.  My last day of Christmas break.  Two weeks of heaven that always come exactly when it's most needed!  Students, parents, and teachers are always ready for some time away.  The only problem is that it's always too short!  This year's break has been particularly great.  It's been so peaceful and restful.

But of course, tomorrow it's back to reality.  4:30 will come awfully early, and I'm sure when I get ready for my morning run, I will be wishing I was cuddling with my blankets in the bed.  It's very easy to get caught up in the thoughts of what we don't have rather than dwelling on the opportunities God gives us each day.

Teaching is my calling, and I wouldn't want to be heading anywhere else tomorrow.  A small Christian school with my 62 high schoolers, freezing in car duty line, a planning period which usually gets filled by meetings or grading, getting ready to direct our production of Pride and Prejudice, and the fact that I will be receiving 19 research papers the day after we return-- these are all the things that are completely worth getting up and leaving behind my wonderful Christmas break.  Because when I walk into my classroom, I will see smiling faces and hear the laughter of young adults, excited to come together after 2 weeks away from each other.  And even though they pretend they'd rather be sitting at home playing video games and watching movies, deep inside they're thrilled to be back... just like their teachers.

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