Monday, January 23, 2012

The Gift of Interruption

Daily I pass through the doors of learning.
After alarm clock and three miles and hot oatmeal and driving, I enter.
I enter to serve them.
These sixty-two bodies with souls and hearts and brains, eager to find out who they are and where they fit.
They, the in-betweens.  The not-child, not-adult humans- they fill the halls with laughter and grumbling and... life.

My list of jobs is long, ever-growing, and I am weary with the keeping up.
I seek solace and silence and... sitting.
If only for a moment.
And as soon as it's found, it's broken.  That silence I crave, shattered.

One, a young boy man who vies for attention, my attention, expands the hallway to include my room.  He ambles along the floor, smiling as he goes, and I think...interruption.

Young girl flies in at bell's ring, arms waving with joy and greeting.

Students working, not a sound, finally...silence.
Precious young lady full of life and bright future bounces in and stands near. I smile and hear. Future words- college, marriage...fear.  Open.
And shamefully, I feel it again... interruption.

What is this disease that gnaws at me, leaving me for dead?
And my heart is hard.
My spirit grumbling.
My soul dry.

But I remember grace.  My ever-growing seeking of the beautiful in the ugly.
I sit.
And I breathe.
Lord, show me the gifts here.
I'm blind.
Open my eyes.

And then I see them-  the lovely, God-given moments of grace.

The ambling, the waving, the words- not interruptions- but blessings!

Those that God sends my way to bring joy in the midst of the everyday.
I've become a refuge.  A place of safety to share joys, dreams, smiles.
This is what it's all about.
This is why I'm here.
To invest life and love into hearts and souls.
To bless others!

Lord, crush my ever-present need to gratify and glorify self.  
Keep my eyes wide open, looking for grace in the everyday moments...
even especially in the interruptions.

Always counting...
#139- silly thirteen year old girls
#145- celebration of small victories
#146- kindergarten school at Chickfila
#151- aroma of pizza in the oven
#157- thunder in early morning
#167- faithfulness of a dog
#179- books finished and books begun
#184- warm blankets
#187- sun's glow on moss-covered trees
#192- crunch of pine bark under birds' feet
#124- freshly-opened peanut butter


Jennifer @ said...

Your words minister to my heart. I know from experience that interruptions are God's way of making sure I know what's on HIS to-do list for me. But I'm ever learning and re-learning this truth. I thank you for the ways your words mentor me today.

Stacie said...

I am so often guilty of this. The hardest thing for me to give to others is my time. Thanking God he never thinks of me as an interruption.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Not interruptions- but blessings! What a wonderful reminder that is. Thank you. Faithfulness of a dog... what a special gift that is! Freshly-opened peanut butter... yum!

Nikki said...

You had me at freshly opened peanut butter....
okay, you had me before that, but truly, that is on my gift list, too!

Beautiful post as always, Katie.
Interruptions, yes. Opportunities, more-so. Or so God is telling me.

and now I want a dog.

Thank you, friend :)

Lindsey V said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog today...I love being a part of the counting gifts community. Your words challenge me to continue to SEE those God has placed in my life and to take the time to give back to them.

Liz said...

WOW! Powerful words. I too struggle with gratitude in the mundaneness & constant interruptions in life. But I often realise (after the annoyance subsides) that God is trying to speak to me, to bring me back to gratitude. It's so easy to be grateful in the easy times but God wants us to rejoice in ALL things!

Ashley said...

I so resonated with this, Katie. How good to remember all the ways Jesus gave away his time when he desired solace. Always making time. The words we speak about these moments are so important to the state of our hearts and our responses of grace to those in need (which is all of us, right?). Thank you.

Meag DC said...

<3 #124 =]

loved this post!

tanya @ truthinweakness said...

katie, i am so challenged simply by the title. i have struggled (HARD!) with interruptions since my precious son was born. my nature vies ruthlessly to prioritize tasks over people.

"Lord, show me the gifts here. I'm blind. Open my eyes."
next time, i will remember that. and i will ask Him.

because truly, the gifts that He holds out to us in those sacred moments far, FAR outweigh any quick thrill of checking something off my to do list.

thank you for sharing this treasure of truth.


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