Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Blessing Refrigerator

She's over there again... Why does she ALWAYS think there is something up there for her?

We keep our dog's bones on top of the refrigerator, and she knows it!  
Black lab Lucy, when she's needy or sometimes when she's just when bored, will sit in the kitchen, near the refrigerator, and stare at us.
I'm talking STARE.

What do you need, Lucy?
She looks to the top of the refrigerator.
And we know.
And she waits.

After this went on for several months, we dubbed it the "blessing refrigerator," because, from it flow blessings of many kinds for our dog.

Shouldn't we be like that?

God longs to bless us with delights unfathomable.
His greatest joy comes in the gifts.
He longs for us to enjoy Him!

We gain satisfaction and joy and blessing from delighting in the gifts He give us.
Nothing makes the giver happier than to see the receiver delight deeply in the gifts.

Are you expecting blessings today?  Are you seeking gifts in every moment?


Alexandra Anne said...

Such a good message!
We need to be thankful in ALL things! If we have a mindset of searching for blessings, we will realize they are all around us; how awesome and wonderful! God is amazing and giving.

Nikki said...

Oh I would love to get to the place where I expect His gifts....but I'm not there. I am, however, overjoyed when I receive them--constantly! Oh how He loves us.

Lovely post as always, Katie ;)


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