Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Cookie Disaster

Last night I decided I would make these lovely little snickerdoodles from In the Little Red House. Don't they look so yummy and full of cinnamony goodness?  Mmmmmm...  I can just smell them baking now...

I grabbed all the ingredients and started to put together my dough.  These were going to be the best cookies I'd ever, ever, ever made!  Well, it didn't turn out exactly as I'd planned.  This stuff ended up looking more like cake batter!  I needed to thicken it up, so I, of course, sought wisdom from... Google.  I read that if I added flour and left it in the fridge overnight, it would be just fine.  Yes!  A recovery plan!

The next afternoon I pulled my batter out of the fridge, and it seemed fine.  So I preheated the oven and started to form my little balls of dough.  Well, as it turns out, they were still soft and runny!  At this point, I was determined to defeat these little things, so I started spooning them onto the cookie sheet.

Don't they look awesome?!  HA!  Biscuits!!!!!  Geez.

After being cut and scraped from the pan, this is what I ended up with.  I have dubbed them Cinnamon Cornbread Cookies.  They're so light they could float up to the ceiling!  But what else would we expect with all that extra flour!?

What did I learn?  If the recipe calls for butter, don't use margarine!!!

Also, you should cook them long enough...

It's ok.  You can laugh at me if you want.  I know I did!

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Hannahmarie said...

Oh, that was awesome! Haha it DID make me laugh, lol!


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