Friday, November 04, 2011

Save Yourself

"America today is a 'save yourself' society if there ever was one.  But does it really work?  The underdeveloped societies suffer from one set of diseases: tuberculosis, malnutrition, pneumonia, parasites, typhoid, cholera, typhus, etc.  Affluent America has virtually invented a whole new set of diseases:  obesity, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, strokes, lung cancer, venereal disease, cirrhosis of the liver, drug addiction, alcoholism, divorce, battered children, suicide, murder.  Take your choice.  Labor-saving machines have turned out to be body-killing devices.  Our affluence has allowed both mobility and isolation of the nuclear family, and as a result, our divorce courts, our prison and our mental institutions are flooded.  In saving ourselves, we have nearly lost ourselves."

- Ralph Winter, "Reconsecration to a Wartime, Not a Peacetime, Lifestyle"

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