Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Does One Gain the New Birth? (Introduction)

How does one gain the new birth?  First of all, something has to happen TO us.  John 3:3 says we must be born again.  We are dead and must be made alive.  So "the Spirit of God supernaturally gives us new spiritual life by connecting us with Jesus Christ through faith."  New birth and faith happen at the same time.

Although God makes us alive, we still play a part in it.  An example of this is found with Lazarus.  In John 11:43, Jesus tells Lazarus to rise from death, and he does!  The moment Christ commands him to rise, he does; the moment the Spirit produces faith in us, we do the believing.

There are three works of God involved in the new birth:
1) God ransomed us by the blood of Jesus.
2) God raised Jesus from the dead.
3) God called us into life through His living and abiding Word.

Over the next three days, we will unpack those three aspects.

(Adapted from Finally Alive by John Piper, available free on Desiring God)

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