Sunday, October 02, 2011

Choose Joy

How can someone you've never met or even spoken to affect you so much?  How can that person invade your thoughts and challenge you to alter your thinking?

I didn't see it coming, but Sara Frankl has done just that.  She has inspired me in so many ways.

Sara recently lost her battle with a horrible degenerative disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis.  Held as a prisoner in her home for years, her body slowly stopped working.  If she had company coming, she would have to plan two days ahead of time just to take a shower; taking a shower on the day they visited would take every bit of energy she had.  She wasn't able to go to the grocery, clean her house, or even walk outside.  

Yet.... oh YET... in the midst of this prison, this daughter of God CHOSE JOY.  She spent her life passionately giving what she had to others.  Her one goal was to glorify Jesus, and she changed so many lives simply by blogging truth and encouragement.

How easy it would have been for Sara to give in to the gloom and doom.  Most wouldn't blame her for that.  But she didn't!  She CHOSE JOY in all circumstances.  How is this possible?  There is only one possible explanation... she knew that her life was not her own.  Her life belonged to God, and she knew that whatever HE chose to carry her through would ultimately bring glory to Him.  After all, that's really what this life is all about...

If you need some encouragement or perspective or JOY, head on over to her blog and read awhile.  I daresay you'll be challenged and you'll want what she had!

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