Monday, August 08, 2011


I've been training for a marathon.  You know, the kind where you run
and run and run.  The kind that seems impossible to anyone who's not a
runner. Where you sweat, push through pain, get cheered on by people
on the sidelines, and, at times, wonder if you will make it to the end
without the cruel hand of death knocking you onto the pavement for

Now before you start to praise me too much or get the idea that this
is a physical marathon I'm going to run, let me set the record
straight.  My marathon is all of those things, only it's completely
metaphorical.  Yes, I run, and yes there have been times that I was
convinced I would slip right under that treadmill and disappear, never
to be seen again.

This marathon I've been training for is a spiritual one.  And the last
two months have been full of intense training.  Hebrews 12 has become
so very real to me.  God has taken away everything that hindered me
from running this race to which He has called me, and while that was
painful at the time, I have never been more thankful.  It's been two
months of discovering God's mighty power, his loving hand, and his
clear guidance.

My marathon is a life of service to Him.  The finish line is heaven.
And my trainer is my Creator and the Savior of my soul.  He runs
beside me every step of the way and when I feel like I can't go any
further, He picks me up and carries me.  God's calling for my life has
never been more clear.  And it's the same calling no matter where I
work or where I live.  He tells me in Luke 9:23... Whoever desires to
be my disciple must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

I'm running the race and when I finish, the reward will be far greater
than any medal or earthly accolades.  My reward is to live with my
precious Jesus in heaven for all of eternity.  And that, dear friend,
makes every single step completely worth it!

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