Monday, May 23, 2011

my everything.

Paul talks about being the chief sinner.  God gave his perfect blameless loving kind son to pay for MY sins.  I AM that chief sinner.  And yet I am brought to my knees by his immeasurable grace.  What other response do i have?  Speechless awe.  How can I have been found worthy of this love?  All I have ever done is rebelliously yell in his face that I don't need him.  Even now, I fail constantly...  and every time I choose my own way, I grieve his heart.  Yet he never ceases to love me.  I don't even understand!  My rebellion is constant.  My thoughts, words, actions, and attitudes speak of my sinful worldly nature.  How can God love someone like that?  It's because I'm precious in his sight.  He has chosen me to shine his light in the world, and I owe him my everything. 

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