Sunday, May 08, 2011

desires revealed.

"The central definition of prayer in the Westminster Catechism is 'an offering up of our desires unto God.'  Therefore prayer is the revealer of the heart.  What a person prays for shows the spiritual condition of his heart.  If we do not pray for spiritual things (like the glory of Christ, and the hallowing of God's name, and the salvation of sinners, and the holiness of our hearts, and the advance of the gospel, and contrition for sin, and the fullness of the Spirit, and the coming of the kingdom, and the joy of knowing Christ), then probably it is because we do not desire these things.  Which is a devastating indictment of our hearts."
-John Piper, When I Don't Desire God
Ask yourself, do I pray for these things?
The glory of Christ
The hallowing of God's name
The salvation of sinners
The holiness of our heart
The advance of the gospel
Contrition for sin
The fullness of the Spirit
The coming of the kingdom
The joy of knowing Christ

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